lördag 4 april 2020

Covid-19 - 3000 deaths in New York

Dubai enters lockdown to tackle virus. New York sees 3,000 deaths in 30 days. China remembers those who died fighting virus. Trump rejects advice to wear masks.

Dubai has entered a two week lockdown which will see just one resident per household allowed to leave...

Trump has warned that the next two weeks will be the “toughest” in the US’s efforts to tackle coronavirus, and said he would be deploying thousands of military personnel to states to support them.

New York’s death toll has exceeded 3,000, almost a quarter of the US total.

Malawi’s president and ministers will take a 10% salary cut and redirect funds to support the country in fighting coronavirus.

A senior health official in Iran has warned that the Iranian capital could see a resurgence of coronavirus cases, after residents inTehran flouted restrictions.

Tunisia’s parliament have given the government new powers to tackle coronavirus, including the ability to make decrees and seek finance without the approval of the parliament.

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