onsdag 29 april 2020

Covid-19 - Known global death toll exceeds 217,000

Known global death toll exceeds 217,000. According to the Johns Hopkins researchers, at least 3,116,680 people have been infected worldwide and at least 217,168 have died since the outbreak began. The numbers are likely to be significant underestimates due to suspected underreporting and differing testing and recording systems around the world. US cases account for roughly a third of the known global total, at over 1 million.
China’s parliament will start its annual meeting on 22 May. China is set to hold its annual parliamentary meeting on 22 May, two months later than originally planned. China’s top political consultative body, the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, has also proposed to start its annual session on 21 May. It’s not clear yet how long the meetings will last. More than 5,000 delegates traditionally descend on Beijing from all over China for at least 10 days.
China warns relationship with Australia could be damaged ‘beyond repair’. The Australian prime minister, Scott Morrison, has defied China and defended the “entirely reasonable and sensible”call for an investigation into the origins of Covid-19, as the international political fallout over the pandemic deepened.
Three US children with coronavirus are being treated for rare inflammatory syndrome. Three US children infected with the coronavirus are being treated for a rare inflammatory syndrome that appears similar to one that has raised concerns by doctors in Britain, Italy and Spain, Reuters reports.
Nearly 70 residents have died at a Massachusetts home for ageing veterans. Sixty-eight veteran residents at the state-run Holyoke Soldiers’ Home who tested positive for the virus have died and it’s not known whether another person who died had Covid-19.
Virus crisis could lead to 18,000 more cancer deaths in UK, experts warn. Almost 18,000 more people with cancer in England could die after the coronavirus pandemic led hospitals to suspend treatment and deterred patients from seeking NHS care, research has found.
Fitch downgrades Italy’s rating to BBB-. Italy is the European country most affected by Covid-19 and trails only the US in the number of deaths.The government has said it expects the country’s economic output to shrink by 8% this year and has launched a host of stimulus measures.
USS Theodore Roosevelt navy sailors will begin moving back on board. Navy sailors who have been quarantined on Guam for weeks will begin moving back to the USS Theodore Roosevelt on Tuesday night, US officials said.
Streamed films to be eligible for Oscars. Films released on streaming platforms only will be eligible for Academy Awards next year because of the pandemic’s disruption to the industry, the organisers of the Oscars have said. The change will only apply to films released this year.

BBC could quarantine actors and crews on dramas to aid filming
The BBC could put actors and directors in quarantine and remove the studio audience from Strictly Come Dancing under plans to help restart television production after the coronavirus pandemic shut down much of the industry.
The proposals, which could affect everything from EastEnders to light entertainment and high-end dramas, are being considered as broadcasters face up to the prospect of enormous gaps in their schedules after much of British television production was stopped dead in mid-March.

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