lördag 11 april 2020

Covid-19 - US death toll becomes the highest in the world

I owe them my life' – Boris Johnson pays tribute to NHS staff

US death toll becomes the highest in the world; Italy and India extend lockdown

The global death toll has reached 108,281, according to the Johns Hopkins university tracker.
For the first time in history, all 50 US states are now under disaster declarations, after Wyoming became the final state to announce.

Pope Francis has urged people not to “yield to fear” at his Easter address. The event was scaled back due to coronavirus, with just two dozen attendees, a smaller choir, and no processions or baptisms.

British prime minister Boris Johnson has said he owes his life to the NHS. He has been in hospital since Sunday night, and had spent three nights in intensive care.

British opposition parties and senior Conservatives have united in calling on the British government to reopen Parliament.

Seven African states have called on authorities
to explain allegations of mistreatment of Africans in Guangzhou city. Many report having been evicted, tested for coronavirus several times without being given results and being shunned and discriminated against in public.

The Kremlin have warned that Moscow’s hospitals are under strainafter a “huge influx” of coronavirus cases.

The World Health Organization have warned that Belarus must take further action to combat coronavirus, as they enter a new phase of infection. Belarus are still hosting football games, and their President, Alexander Lukashenko, has downplayed restrictive measures. In recent weeks, he has said that drinking vodka and bathing in saunas could help fight the virus.

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