lördag 9 maj 2020

Covid-19 - Entire Dynamo Dresden team quarantined, Russia infections near 200 000

Coronavirus news: entire Dynamo Dresden team quarantined, Russia infections near 200,000
Bundesliga suffers huge setback after footballers test positive; Belarus leader holds parade prompting safety concerns as other nations curb WW2 events.

Russia hit by 10,000 new cases as total infections near 200,000

Russia has been hit with more than 10,000 new Covid-19 cases in the last day, as the country approaches nearly 200,000 confirmed infections and lockdown measures continue.

Lagos could be put on lockdown again after social distancing rules disregarded.
Nigeria’s largest city, Lagos, could return to lockdown if residents continue to ignore social distancing rules, its governor warned on Saturday.

UK death toll rises by 346 as coastguard warns lockdown flouters
The UK death toll has risen by 346 to 31,587 across all settings, while 215,260 have tested positive, an increase of 3,896 cases on Friday. Meanwhile, the coastguard recorded the highest number of incidents in one day since the lockdown began as people “ignored” the government’s message to stay at home.

Indonesia records biggest daily increase in infections
Indonesia has reported its biggest daily increase in infections, with 533 new confirmed cases, taking the total to 13,645. But with Indonesia’s low testing rate criticised by medical experts, the number of infections in the country – which has the fourth biggest population in the world – is feared to be far higher than official figures show.

Germany’s plans to restart football suffer setback
Germany’s plans to restart competitive football next Saturday suffered an early setback after the entire Dynamo Dresden team were placed in a two-week quarantine following two positive coronavirus tests among the players.

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