söndag 17 maj 2020

Covid-19 - Daily Covid-19 death tolls fall in UK, Spain and Italy

Daily Covid-19 death tolls fall in UK, Spain and Italy.Barack Obama attacks Trump’s virus response; Russia sees 9,709 new confirmed cases in past 24 hours; China reports five new Covid-19 cases.
Spain reports fewer than 100 deaths for first time in two months.

The global number of coronavirus cases has exceeded 4,700,000,standing at 4,702,603, according to the Johns Hopkins University coronavirus resource center. There have been 314,476 deaths globally.
France’s death toll has passed 28,000, with the total number of coronavirus deaths recorded in hospitals and nursing homes rising to 28,108 from 27,625 on Saturday. The latest daily toll, of 483, is the largest in several weeks, and was made up mainly of deaths in care homes: 429 deaths, compared to 54 in hospital.
South Africa has reported its highest daily increase in cases,registering 1,160 new coronavirus infections on Sunday. The health ministry announced that the total number of confirmed cases has reached 15,515, while the numbers of deaths rose by three to 263.
At least 121 people in Mexico have died from drinking adulterated liquor as a result of alcohol shortages during the coronavirus pandemic. Since factories producing liquor and beer were shut down, gangs specialising in bootleg booze have been taking advantage of the lack of alternative alcohol sources.
Nigeria has seized a British plane for defying a travel ban imposed as part of measures to curb the spread of the coronavirus pandemic, the aviation minister has announced. Flair Aviation, the airline involved, was authorised to conduct humanitarian flights but was caught operating commercial flights, minister Hadi Sirika said on Twitter.
Death tolls have fallen in UK, Spain and Italy. The UK’s daily coronavirus death toll was the lowest since lockdown began, with 170 deaths recorded - though due to hospital reporting delays, numbers reported on Sundays and Mondays are typically lower. Italy also recorded its lowest daily toll, 145, since lockdown, while Spain recorded its lowest toll in two months with 87 deaths.
Qatar has begun enforcing the world’s toughest penalties of up to three years’ in prison for failing to wear masks in public, in a country with one of the highest coronavirus infection rates. Over 32,000 people have tested positive for Covid-19 in the tiny Gulf country - 1.2 percent of the 2.75 million population - although just 15 people have died.
Brazil’s president Jair Bolsonaro has continued to disregard social distancing measures, posing for photographs with kids at a rally at the presidential palace. Brazil’s confirmed cases of the virus passed Spain and Italy on Saturday, making it the world’s fourth-largest outbreak.
New York mayor Bill de Blasio has criticised residents who were seen gathering without masks outside city bars at the weekend.“We’re not going to tolerate people starting to congregate. It’s as simple as that,” de Blasio said. “If we have to shut places down, we will.” More than 15,000 people in New York City have died from Covid-19.
Australia’s death toll has risen to 99, with New South Wales’s chief medical officer reporting the death of a man in his 60s who had underlying health conditions. The man is the 46th person to die with coronavirus in New South Wales.

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