måndag 30 mars 2020

Covid-19: Lockdowns increase in cities across the world

Global infections pass 730,000

Covid-19 infections worldwide have risen to 732,000, according to the Johns Hopkins University tracker. The US had the most cases, with over 142,000; Italy was second with nearly 98,000; and Spain has passed China’s 82,000 cases with 85,000. Italy still had the highest death toll, with nearly 10,800. Spain was second with 7,340. More than 2,500 people have died in the US.

Lockdowns increase in cities across the world

Europe’s largest capital and Africa’s most populous city have gone into lockdown and countries including the US have prolonged and tightened already strict confinement orders as the coronavirus epidemic continues to spread across the globe. Moscow on Monday imposed strict isolation measures after many residents ignored official requests to stay indoors. In Italy, which accounts for a third of all global deaths from Covid-19, the government meanwhile warned citizens should be ready for a lengthy confinement that would only be lifted gradually.

UK spread shows early signs of slowing – key adviser

The spread of coronavirus in the UK is showing early signs of slowing,according to Prof Neil Ferguson, a key epidemiologist advising the government. Ferguson, whose modelling informed the government’s decision to impose a lockdown, said the data was showing signs that social distancing measures were beginning to work, although it has not yet had an effect on the number of daily reported deaths

Spain logs slight fall in number of deaths

Spain, one of the European countries worst hit by the coronavirus pandemic, has logged a slight fall in the number of people dying from the disease after days of record death tolls. Figures released by the ministry of health recorded that 812 people died from the virus between Sunday and Monday. The news came as Fernando Simón, the head of Spain’s centre for health emergencies and the public face of the government’s response, awaited the results of testing after displaying symptoms of Covid-19.

Trump says keeping US deaths under 100,000 would be ‘a very good job’

Donald Trump has acknowledged the scale of possible fatalities from Covid-19 in the US, while extending social distancing rules until 30 April. The president said if his administration kept deaths under 100,000 it would have done a “very good job”, bringing him closer in line with the top US diseases expert, Anthony Fauci, who suggested on Sunday deaths could reach 200,000. Trump also claimed his push to reopen the country by Easter had only been “aspirational”, now saying he hoped normality might return by 1 June.

Tokyo Olympics set for July 2021 as Wimbledon cancelation looms

Organisers of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics are in final-stage discussions to hold the opening ceremony for the rescheduled Games on 23 July 2021, according to reports in Japan. In the UK, Wimbledon organisers are set to announce the cancellation of the 2020 tournament on Wednesday due to the coronavirus pandemic, according to a senior German tennis official.

Concern over infections spread by asymptomatic people in China

Asymptomatic people may be infecting others in China despite officials saying the risk of this is low, it has emerged. As China relaxes lockdown measures and people return to work, authorities are concerned about the possibility that asymptomatic carriers will continue spreading the virus.
New breathing aid to be mass-produced if trials successful

A breathing aid that should help keep coronavirus-19 patients out of intensive care has been developed in Britain by a group including University College London researchers and the Mercedes Formula One team. Mercedes said that they can distribute up to 1,000 a day of the trials set to start this week are successful.

Australia begins tighter restrictions

New rules restricting group meetings outside to just two people cameinto force on Monday, as children’s playgrounds, outdoor gyms and skateparks were closed in an attempt to stop the spread of the virus. So far the country has more than 4,000 cases and 16 deaths.

Aviation industry continues to suffer

The virus has continued to wreak havoc in the aviation sector. EasyJet has grounded its entire fleet of aircraft for at least two months while Virgin Atlantic has reportedly asked the UK government for emergency financial help. Thai Airways International said it may permanently reduce the number of aircraft types it deploys once the coronavirus outbreak ends.

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