lördag 28 mars 2020

Covid-19: Crowdfunding helps NHS - actor James McAvoy praised for generosity

A bright light in the dark:

A crowdfunder to raise money for personal protective equipment in British hospitals has reached £400,000.

The fundraising effort was launched by a group of NHS doctors and a GP to source PPE “for those who need it the most”. The group originally set a £200,000 target, but this was met in 48 hours.

According to the crowdfunder, actor James McAvoy made a large contribution, with the group behind the fundraiser thanking him for his “extraordinary generosity”.

Less bright:

The global death toll has passed 30,000, with confirmed cases at 660,706.

Northern Ireland has announced a wave of new restrictive measures which came into force an hour ago, including a ban on gatherings and leaving home without a reasonable excuse.

Spain has announced further restrictions on movement to stem the flow of the virus, with all non-essential workers being told to stay home.

Panama’s government has said it will allow the Zaandam cruise ship to pass through the Panama Canal, after passengers got stuck on board when authorities refused to grant access. The cruise ship has 130 people with flu-like symptoms, and four have died. At least two of those with symptoms are confirmed to have coronavirus.

The coronavirus death toll in France has passed the grim milestone of 2,000 deaths, with more than 38,000 cases.

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