lördag 16 december 2017

FILM: Star-Wars The Last Jedi - Mini-review

Dog fights in the air. Heroes and allies need saving.

Chistopher Nolan did it so much better in Dunkirk!

Harry Potter moment 1: Harry and Voldemort connect again, via cosmic snap chat. Only this time Voldemort has the scar.

Harry Potter moment 2: hero finds mirror of Erised to see dead parents. Unfortunately the mirror only shows heros own reflection .. maybe that is who and what the hero really desires? the present, not the past?

Harry Potter moment 3: Dumbledore sacrifices himself again , and the hero is left to his/her own devices.

"Good girl" wants to save "bad boy" - again. "I can get through to him". Really?

If you haven't seen the last Star Wars show, don't worry. This is like a TV-series, everything is explained to you in text and dialogue, and you get up to speed in no time at all!

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